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Brad Sitzer

My name is Brad Sitzer

I'm a passionate Learning Environment Designer who cares about systemic change.
Check out the below word cloud to see words and phrases that articulate my skills and areas of interest:

If you quickly passed by the above word cloud, perhaps spend some more time going through it. Every single word is curated as some of the things I'm really passionate about. Check it out. Then check out how I try and live out those concepts below in some of the main projects I am involved in.

Education + Work


My areas of study and work experience include a Bachelor of Science and Honours in Electrical Engineering at the University of Cape Town (2006 graduation), a higher certificate in Life Coaching (2015) and numerous short courses in the area of leadership, management, instrumentation and software automation, understanding human motivation, learning environment design, and business/entrepreneurship management. I graduated with my Masters in Philosophy in Inclusive Innovation at the Graduate School of Business, UCT in 2020. My dissertation was titled "Student engagement in low-income, high-stress learning environments" which focused on youth development social enterprises working on the Cape Flats in Cape Town.


I worked for eight years in the corporate engineering space. With various multinational companies my primary role was as an Automation Engineer and leading and managing a team of Instrumentation and Software Technicians. Thereafter, I went through a major career shift focused on driving systemic change in the Education of youth in under-resourced and high crime communities. I'm pursuing my Masters in Philosophy in Inclusive Innovation with a specific focus on inclusive education. I've been creating learning hubs in under-resourced and high-crime communities for the past three years. My main geographical focus has been on the Cape Flats in Cape Town with a specific focus on Mitchells Plain and Khayelitsha.

Adapt IT
University of Cape Town, Graduate School of Business
University of Cape Town, Graduate School of Business
University of Cape Town, Graduate School of Business

Notable Projects

Grace2Learn has
A Learning Development Hub in Mitchells Plain (2017 - present)

Grace2Learn operates our flagship learning hub in Rocklands, Mitchells Plain. The name of the learning hub is Grace Cafe. I am helping the community create a independent education system that prioritises relevant topics for the local community. These include relevant 21 century learning pedagogies, governance system deployment and systemising multi-generational and multi-cultural engagement.

Binnekring Leadership Residence
in Stellenbosch - 2020

The BK Leadership Residency is in the heart of Stellenbosch university town. It is geared toward emerging leaders and aspiring leaders to do life together to amplify their current character abilities and priorities to impact the communities they are already working in (for me, under-resourced communities in Mitchell's Plain.)

Western Cape Manager for
School in a Box (2015 - 2016)

School in a Box work

During my time employed and freelancing for the School in a Box organisation, I managed all the tech educational centres across the Western Cape. This entailed ensuring they were using the tablet technology correctly, that best-practice learning methodologies were being employed and growing the number of active centres. The School in a Box are one of the few EdTech companies, trying to address the issue of inclusive hardware educational resources.

Innovator in Residence - Philippi Village - 2017

My work at the Philippi Village was around connecting with potential collaborators in the broader Philippi, Crossroads, Nyanga communities. This was no easy task and while there were pockets of inspiration and cocreation, the project largely did not take off in my time there. My hope is that the deep engagement sessions that were hosted, formed a platform and small steps forward for future collaboration. Trust was the key building block I aimed to development with key leaders in the community. We walked together through a process and methodology called TheoryU with the aim of sensing what our greater intentions were, where there might be overlap for action and starting with micro actions to test if it works or not. From an experiential and trust building component this was a successful project. With more time, it might have resulted in deeper more systemic projects for collective impact in the communities we all worked in. I've learned a lot through this experience and have carried many of the lessons with me into current projects.

Board of Trustees

I serve on three boards currently:
The first is on the board of Grace2Learn, an organisation I founded. The second organisation is Trinity Children's Centre, one of the best Christian Primary Schools in Cape Town and if not South Africa. The third organisation is J-Life Africa. A disciplemaking movement that operates in over 20 countries in Africa. They are fanning the flame for modelling the life of Jesus for developing and growing disciplemaker leaders.

Grace2Learn NPC
Trinity Children Centre

Future Work Interests

The area of work my trajectory is taking me on is in the area of residential community development. This area of work would focus on individual and collective transformation through incremental and iterative steps of growth. My purpose in this is to help myself and others realise real justice in burdensome paradigms. This would include strategies such as a residency for leadership development, growing a localised learning hub which is material and people resource rich, bringing a living developing governance system for the community to enable deep engagement, enjoyable decision making and a high sense of ownership in community project implementation. If you would like chat through any of these or the existing projects I am working on, please contact me via the channels below.

Financial Partnership